Quite the nightmare King Nebuchadnezzar suffers with.  He dreams of a tall, stately statue.  Of himself?  Could be.  He’d love that.  Egotist.  Egregious self-absorption that’s never satisfied.  You get the point!  Could be why this dream so disturbs.

The statue’s monumental collapse shocks and staggers.  What’s going on here?  God has a message for all kingdoms and nations, rulers and leaders–they will come… and go.  Hitler’s 1000 year Reich lasted a mere decade.  Many of us fear for our nation’s future.  Leader after leader disappoints and frustrates.

Like that statue in the king’s dream.  Shatters and crumbles in front of his sleepy eyes.  From gold to silver, bronze to iron, toppled by a rock aimed directly at its feet of clay.  Things don’t always get better.  From gold to iron runs a downward slope, from the cherished to the cheap.

No wonder the king is so unnerved!  He should be.  God has big news–this world has nothing to hold onto.  A mere stone hurtles toward the puffed-up, hoi-poloi.  That stone hewn from God’s mountain.  A man-made statue crumples upon its impact.

The dream uncovers that ‘…God in heaven will set up His own Kingdom that will never be destroyed…It will crush all those kingdoms and bring them to an end, but it will last forever’ (Daniel 2:44).  ‘It’ being God’s Kingdom!  Get it?!

This world is not my home.  I’m just a-passing through.  As believers in Jesus, we are citizens of a kingdom ruled by God Himself.  It will never be destroyed.  It will last forever.  We have His Word on it!  That’s good enough for me!

Thank you, Lord, for promises made and kept.  In Jesus’ name.  Amen.


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