In Psalm 84, God’s blessings transport us from a very dry place to one of abundant springs.  Through the parched valley to His cool place of blessing.  Ready to go?  Showers are in the forecast!

Years ago, my wife worked at a grocery store exactly one mile from our home.  Many days I’d walk to Sue’s workplace to catch a ride home.  A pleasant walk, all downhill!  Always carried Gospel tracts in my back pocket to give away.

Would pray for these neighbors and the only church I passed by;  where, strangely enough, I was asked to preach for two Sundays.  They were between pastors and having a difficult time finding guest speakers.  After worship on that second Sunday, a granddaughter was brought over to me as she needed to accept the Lord into her life.  I was asked to speak with her.  This nine year old asked Jesus into her heart.  Had to pinch myself!

What’s going on here?  I wondered…and prayed.   Only eighteen were in attendance, but I could lead worship until the end of the year, when a new pastor was sure to arrive.

Fourteen years later…!  Now, I’m their pastor emeritus.  Their first ever.

Check your heart for a moment.  Not with an EKG, but with that burden He’s put on your heart.  You know what I’m referring to.  Pay attention to what moves you.  What exactly?  I’ve no idea.  Don’t ask me.  Ask the Lord.  Wait on Him.  He’ll show you. Then do it!

There are showers of blessing in the forecast!  Perhaps it’s dry now where you are, but don’t be surprised if some gentle showers are just around the corner.  Even while you’re walking down the street!

Lord, we so want to serve you for Jesus’ sake.  Amen.



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