WHY?…Psalm 78: 40-55

For the life of me, I can’t figure it out.  Why is it that we so quickly forget the Lord?  After all, He cares for us like no one else does.  Jesus says that no one can snatch His own out of His hands, which means that He can hold onto us with a grip that no super-strong Olympian can match (John 10: 28-29).

Boggles the imagination that all this and more can slip through our mind’s fingers.  Hence, the call to remember.  Psalm 78: 42–‘They did not remember His power–the day He redeemed them from the oppressor.’  God’s people forget.  He slips their minds.  How could they do that?  After all that He’s done for them.  Big and little things.  The miraculous.  And yet… they forget.

Glad we’re not like that!  Right?  I’m moving out of the way, because I think lightening may soon strike…you or me!  Asaph, the psalmist, says that Israel forgets about their redemption.  How God has led them out of Egypt after displaying many miraculous judgements upon the oppressive Egyptians.  And then those forty years wandering in the desert with God never far away from them.  Never.

Here’s something else to remember.  It’s our story, too!  Not something only about God’s people of ancient times.  Remember the day of your salvation?  When you became His own?  I don’t have an exact date.  Always envied those who know month, day and hour.  But what I can’t forget is that experience of saying ‘yes’ to His loving voice asking to come into my life.  How could I ever say ‘no’ to Jesus?

I remember… as if yesterday, now over 50 years ago.  Think back to when you first encountered His love and forgiveness.  Think hard and long–that will help you not to forget.  Remembering His unsurpassed compassion for you and me.  Don’t be lazy.  Make the commitment to remember!  Remember when…!

Prayer: Lord, help us to be mindful of all you are to us.  In Jesus’ name.  Amen.



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