Mark’s Gospel begins at the beginning.  Good place to start!  Mark 1:1–‘The beginning of the Gospel of Jesus Christ…’  Of the four Gospels, Mark has the most abrupt ending.  No dramatic resurrection appearances followed by the ascension of Jesus.

Could Mark be telling us that life with Jesus is always just the beginning?  The start of something amazing?  An inauguration without end?

When you receive Jesus into your life, you become a child of God.  Sins–forgiven and forgotten by God.  A new person.  Not completely.  The old sin nature dogs us.  Two steps forward, one back.  One forward, two back.  Maybe that’s only me?

We discover that wherever we are in discipleship, it’s only the beginning.  When I think I’ve conquered this sin or that, I fall flat on my face.  Grimy and disappointed.  Years later, I’m still at the starting gate.  In this life, we never arrive.  Always more hills to climb.

Life in Jesus grows at an uneven pace.  Some I know seem much farther along.  Others lag behind even me.  What are we to do then?

Here’s a few ideas.  Accept where you are.   Then pray to the Lord to press forward.  For Mark says that Jesus’ beginning was good news.  The Gospel.  Overcoming sin, even one-time, is good news.  Keep at it.  Don’t give in or give up.  Keep praying.

Read your Bible, the only attack weapon allowed in God’s armor (Ephesians 6: 10ff).  Every other piece is for defense.  So, strike the first blow… with your Bible.  Works every time.  Satan flees.  Good riddance!

Remember, we have Jesus at our side.  Mark calls Him the Son of God.  With Jesus, that strong and that close, every day becomes a new beginning!  That’s very Good News!

Thank you, Jesus, for new beginnings.  Amen.


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