Cornwall, England is such a lovely part of the country.  In one of its villages, called Tintagal, I noticed a shop selling T-shirts.  One said,  ‘The Older I Get, the Better I Was!’  If it wasn’t so true, I’d laugh.  Actually, I did!

As we get older, things change.  Our bodies, our country, the world.  Always that way.  If still alive, ask your parents.  Nothing new under the sun as wise, old Solomon aptly said.

But here’s good news!  From Psalm 92.  In particular, those last few verses (ESV), where the psalmist writes of ‘bearing fruit’  in old age.  Fresh, green and full of sap.  I’ve been called an ‘old sap’, but here’s biblical encouragement!

Our spiritual life can be vibrant and robust no matter our age.  We can get closer to God as we get closer to home, being with Him in heaven.  Here and now, we can dig deeper into our Bibles, pray as if God is right there with us (He is!), share Him with others, praise Him, inviting others to know Jesus.  Regardless of age.

I think of Cathy Brown.  Cathy lived well into her 90’s.  However, her mind had started to leave us a few years before.  A dear church member we miss to this day.  Cathy prayed to her Lord like a child to a loving parent; or, in her case, to her precious Auntie and Uncle, who raised her.  I loved to hear Cathy pray.  You would have also.  So tender, affectionate and trusting.  I can imagine Jesus holding her hands as she opened her heart to Him.

Life became more difficult for Cathy, but not in her times of prayer and worship.  That was a fruitful relationship even in old age, ‘green and full of sap’, sharing with Him who was her Rock and salvation.

As we advance in years, we have a choice to make.  Be careful for this creeps up on you without prior announcement.  We can become bitter, crotchety, dried up and mean-spirited.

Or we can get closer to Jesus, never really growing old and never really dying at all.  That’s for me!  You too?  Getting closer to Him as we get closer to home.  ‘The older I get…the better I become’!  Want to buy a T-shirt?!

Prayer:  Thank you, Lord, for drawing us closer every day.  We love you.  In Jesus’ name.  Amen.


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