Reading Daniel 4, I tripped over one verse that I had to go back and re-read.  Puzzled me.  Want to know which verse?  Verse 17.  What do you think?

Now, I must admit something strange.  Not only do I still review my biblical Hebrew and Greek languages, but now I’m studying Aramaic!  Why?  Well, parts of the Old Testament are written in the Aramaic language.

Aramaic.  Similar to Hebrew.  The ‘lingua franca’, common language, in biblical times.  How much of the Old Testament is in Aramaic?  Five chapters in Daniel, three in Ezra, one verse in Jeremiah and two words in Genesis!  That much, huh!?!

In Daniel 4:17 there’s an Aramaic word.  It’s the plural noun ‘watchers’.  Some translations say ‘messengers’.  The context is judgement upon prideful King Nebuchadnezzar.  His sentencing is carried out by these ‘watchers’.  They’re called ‘holy ones’.  Who are they?  Angels?  Most likely.  Messengers of the Lord?  Without a doubt.  For judgement on the prideful.  For protection of God’s own children.

Angels watch over us.  Serving our God who knows all.  Nothing escapes His attention.  Nothing gets by Him.  That thought is most comforting.  Isn’t it?  We can feel so alone in this world.  As if no one really gives a hoot.  Even the ones we love the most often care only if it benefits them.  Love attached by many strings.

But God watches over us.  Has His angels care for us.  If we could only see all that He does.  Shouldn’t we stop worrying?  Can we?

He watches over me…and you.  Constantly caring and loving.  Our ‘watcher’ for sure.  That’s amazing in any language!

Thank you, Lord, for guarding angels watching over us.  In Jesus’ name.  Amen.


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