Oh, no!  The king suffers a dreadful dream.  All in his kingdom shudder in anticipation.  Now what?  He calls for Daniel.  The king can’t quite connect the dots that his pagan, polytheistic Wise Men are not so wise after all.  But Daniel has connections on high–with the One true God, Yahweh.  Daniel makes his royal, court appearance.  What of this dream, the king asks?

A tree grows, not in Brooklyn, but in ancient Babylon!  As big as a millennia-old California redwood, with branches reaching far and wide, shading the earth with its abundant foliage.  Is this a shadowy image of Nebuchadnezzar’s kingdom?  All due to his own greatness, power and intellect?  His and his alone?  Or so he’d like to think.  Until a dream rears its ugly head, displaying his face!  He’s bragged and boasted one too many times.  He thinks all this is due to HIM.  NEBUCHADNEZZAR…all in capital letters!

But like Humpty-Dumpty, he falls off the wall, shattering and scattering in a million pieces!  God has judged him.  The patience of the Lord is great, but not without limit.  The king has exceeded it.  Nebuchadnezzar thought himself a god, now he’ll graze like a goat in the wet, dewy morning, eating its grasses.  Only this comeuppance will cause him to come to his senses, realizing that he is but a fallen human being.  For only God is God.

Why is that so hard to comprehend?  Applies to the ancients alone who have a plethora of gods?  Not for us modern-types.   We’ve gone to the other extreme.  We want nothing of God mentioned in society or our lives.  Nothing.  No gods or God.  It’s all about me…me…me.  Such is the prevalent mood.

God is patient but not forever.  Best to embrace Jesus while there is still time.  When will His patience run out?  I don’t know.  Neither do you.  So, wait no longer.  Accept the Lord Jesus.  Turn your life over to Him.  And tell others about Him with an urgency that this gap of God’s mercy has allowed.

When will this world wake up and bow down before the One and Only?

Prayer:  Lord, we pray for others to come to Jesus, bowing the knee to Him alone.  In His name.  Amen.


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