SO FEW!…Judges 7

There were only eighteen in attendance when I started ministering at our last church.  Eighteen hearty souls, most over the age of 65.  Over the years membership fell off for a variety of reasons.  Neighborhood changed.  People moved away.  Grim reaper made too many visits.  Pastors with their own dire problems.   In a matter of 30 short years, the church was down to about ten percent of its prior membership.  A mournful tithe.

I first preached from Judges 7.  About Gideon.  It had became clear that this pastorate was to be from the Lord.  Down so low–now it’s time to see what God would do.  There will be no excuses.  No extenuating circumstances.  We yearn to see the Lord at work!  ‘In order that Israel may not boast against me that her own strength has saved her’ (Judges 7:2).

We’re few.   The Lord is mighty.  We begin to grow.  A new couple here.  Someone from the neighborhood there.  Vacation Bible School opens our doors wider.  Children come by dozens, many accepting the Lord into their lives.  We’re few.  God is formidable.

We grow to sixty-five people and we’re giving to missions also.  The largest contributor to the Christmas shoebox ministry in our county for years.  God’s at work!  There’s no doubt!

We’re so few.  But we know who was adding new life.  We know.   Sometimes the Lord will diminish…so we must depend upon Him, crying out to Him.  Why would we turn to anyone else?

Where do you need help?  Turn to the Lord.  He loves to support His own.  He wants to.  We may be weak…but the Lord is mighty!

How precious, Lord, to trust in Jesus.  Amen.


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