AN EASTER THOUGHT…Colossians 2: 6-15

Debt keeps piling up for individuals, companies and countries– most up-to-their-eyeballs in hock.  To be honest, that’s not me.  I have an aversion to owing anything to anyone.

Whether we’re current paying or massively under the gun, we all owe debt to the Lord.  Me primarily, because I know myself, the sinner that I am.  You could say the same?

Colossians 2: 13-15– ‘…dead in your sins…’ (v.13) That is before coming to Jesus for forgiveness and salvation.  Dead formerly.  Now, in Christ, alive as alive could be!

Verse 14 mentions  ‘…canceling the record of debt that stood against us with its legal demands.’  That ‘record of debt’ is the Greek word ‘cheirographon’, a legal document acknowledging obligation to pay a debt.  Ignoring the ancient legal mumbo-jumbo, this is an IOU!

Every sin we commit issues an IOU… to God.  We are in debt to Him.  Unfortunately, we are bankrupt, unable to pay.  Up a creek without a paddle.  What to do?  Don’t fret.  He’s done it all for us.  Has taken our IOU’s and written ‘paid in full’ on top of each.  Paul then says that Jesus nails those IOU’s to the cross.  For all to see.

And to believe all that Jesus has done for us.  What no one else could.  Only Him.  And He has!  Willingly–‘…for the joy set before Him…’ (Hebrews 12:2).  Not without pain and suffering.  This cost Him everything, so that it wouldn’t cost us what we couldn’t give Him anyway.  He knew that.  He offered Himself up for us.

Happy Easter!  He is Risen!  He is Risen indeed!

Thank you, Jesus, for cancelling our debts making us alive forever.  Amen.



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