DOES HE BELONG IN THE ‘HALL OF FAITH’?…Judges 13 and Hebrews 11:32

How in the world does Samson gain membership into the ‘Hall of Faith’ found in Hebrews 11?  No mention there of Elijah or Elisha, Isaiah or Jeremiah.  But Samson?

Samson’s parents seem godly enough, wanting the Lord’s best for him.  Bible scholars are not sure what his name means.  Could be ‘sun’ from Canaanite language.  As if the sun shines down on this little tyke!  Maybe a bit too much for his own good.

He’s a grasping type, selfish and self-centered.  His parents have taken a Nazirite vow for him.  No wine bars.  No haircut appointments.  Stay far away from anything dead.  All of which he violates without a wince or a whimper.

Here’s a summation.  Chases after women rather than Israel’s enemies.  Avenges his own rivals more than delivers the nation.  Can you find one instance where he does anything at all for the Lord or Israel?  Possibly… but I doubt it.  And he’s in the Hall of Faith?  Oy veh, already!  What gives?

This is my take.  Things are so bad in Israel that the likes of Samson shines.  He typifies the pitiful depths Israel has fallen into.  Nevertheless, the Holy Spirit moves about in spite of this rough-and-tumble character.  God can work through the most difficult and resistant of His own.

What gives?  The Lord hears the prayers of Samson’s parents, made long before he was born.  Prayers are never wasted.  God uses surprising people in His plans.

So, seek to live a godly life.  Samson– our negative role model.  A man who never lives up to his godly potential.  We want better than that…for the Lord.  With integrity.  That sounds more like a life worthy of the ‘Hall of Faith’.

Lord, help us to live lives honoring to you.  In Jesus’ name.  Amen.


One thought on “DOES HE BELONG IN THE ‘HALL OF FAITH’?…Judges 13 and Hebrews 11:32

  1. Thank the Lord for those who have prayed for us in our growing up years and even before we were born and now. Thank you for being one of those who pray for us now.

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