Here in the Pacific Northwest, we get way too much rain in the winter.  More than our fair share!  A recent one doused our backyard with so much H2O, we feared our lawn would be washed away.  Puddles everywhere.  Ground saturated.   Brown mud where green turf used to be.

Fear not!  Sun came shining back in March.  Ever so slowly our lawn dried up and, with a little help from reseeding and peat moss, we were back on the right track.  Lush, green sod until the next winter!

Sun and rain.  We ourselves need both.  Psalm 72: 5-6–‘May they fear you while the sun endures…May he be like rain that falls on the mown grass, like showers that water the earth!’

‘Sun and rain’ can become good goals for us in the hands of God.  A call to be all that we can be… for others.  To be like the sun that warms us especially in those cold disappointments that come our way.  When the frigid hand of death grips tightly, may I be warm and compassionate, comforting those in tears.  Like the sun on a winter day.

Warmth to nourish the seed of faith in a new believer– to help someone else to set, root and grow.  Warmth to draw alongside, keeping the enemy from tossing someone into the deep freeze of derailed discipleship.  Sun!

And rain.  Adding moisture to a dry life.  Purpose where there was little.  Quenching thirsts for the Lord and for human friendship.  We can be rain to another’s drought-stricken life.  Rain!

My prayer is that these weekly devotions would be like sun and rain in your life.  I want to partner with you, letting you know that you are not alone… and neither am I.

Even better to know that we’ll always have Jesus by our side.  Always.  He will be our sun and rain…forever!

Prayer:  Thank you, Lord, for fellow travelers in our Christian journey.  Especially for Jesus.  Amen.


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