My wife and I rent a condominium outside Orlando to be close to nearby family.  We also want to visit Epcot Center.  We rent a timeshare.  Every day one of the management-team calls us with an offer of free Epcot tickets if we would attend a sales meeting.

We’ve been to other such spiels.  I’d rather have a root canal!  Finally, beaten to a pulp, I agreed IF we could get those Disney tickets BEFORE we go to ‘timeshare torture’.  They agree and we have great fun at Epcot.  Even better when it’s free!

Went to their infernal meeting, preceded by a mediocre breakfast buffet.  They proceed to beg, badger and browbeat us.  I told them, every single day, that we are never going buy a timeshare.

They knew they’d wear us down.  Finally, the sales bloke turns to us and says with disgust:  ‘you did it for the tickets’.  I told them that!  Guess the truth does hurt!

Jesus feeds over 5000 people.  With only 5 barley loaves and 2 dried fish.  Everyone is full.   Even left-overs!  Their eyes can hardly believe what their stomachs are telling them.  Full as full can be!

But Jesus senses something more going on here.  Actually, it’s less.  The crowd follows Him– only for what they can get from Him.  For His goodies.  Those blessings.

But not for Him alone.  Not to serve Him.  Not even for forgiveness of their sins, but for full stomachs and material gain.

That’s me sometimes.  Must own up.  He knows.  He still loves me but wants me to fess up.  Love Him above all.   Who He is.  Always has been.  And will be.  That’s enough.  He’s more than enough.  Satisfied?

Lord, we do love you, just you.  In Jesus’ name.  Amen.


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