Psalm 81 highlights one of the rarest art forms.  Which one?  Why the art of listening, of course!   Like when you’re talking with someone who can’t wait to jump in and cut you off with their own story.  Or those who ask the same questions over-and-over again, letting the cat-out-of-the-bag that they never did listen to you in the first place.

Someone would write me long letters each week inspired by listening to my Sunday sermons.  I must have been utterly profound!  When I read her letters, I instantly realized that she hadn’t heard one thing.  Nothing.  She wanted me to listen to her.

From Psalm 81, we discover that God is good at listening.  It’s what He does.  Verse 7–‘In distress you called, and I delivered you;  I answered you…’  Verse 8–‘Hear, O my people…if you would listen to me!’  He listens.  Do we?

The Bible is where we hear directly from God.  Every year’s best-seller.  Unfortunately, knowledge of God’s Word diminishes with each passing day.  Must be that people have shut their ears to the Lord.  Even believers know so little of the Bible.

Why is that?  Distractions and entertainments sap our time with Him.  Today is Christmas Eve.  Focus on Jesus, God’s precious gift.  Listen to Him.  Will we?

I love this song– ‘Listen, Jesus is Calling You’?  Prods us to open our plugged ears. To hear Him.  As Jesus says in John 10:3–‘The sheep hear his voice…’  He is the Good Shepherd.

We believers are His sheep.  Hear Him.  Pay attention.  Hang onto His every Word.  Not keeping our Bibles in ‘mint condition’.  Give Him the time He’s due.  Really putting Christ in Christmas.  Hear that?

Merry Christmas!

Lord, thank you for hearing us.  In Jesus’ name.  Amen.


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