It’s amazing how many sheep graze on the hills of England!  Including the ones out our back door, penned in by the ancient Roman moat, at the 15th-century Old Manor House we rented in Hadzor, Droitwich Spa, Worcestershire, England.  Everywhere we drive, there are sheep safely grazing.

Jesus says in John 10:7 that He is ‘the door of the sheep’.  He’s the entryway.  Not one of many, all leading to good pasture.  No.  THE door.  As if there is no other.  By the way, there’s no ‘if’ about it!

The housekeeper at the Old Manor House warned us that when we walk through the adjacent fields, down to the dock on the Birmingham-Worcester Canal, to enjoy watching the narrow-boats go by, we had better close and lock the gate behind us.  If not, those sheep will get out and we’ll be in a world of trouble!

It was such fun watching those sheep graze our back fields, eating lots of grass and weeds, along with apples and plums munched and crunched by their large teeth.  Sheep safely grazing.

Within their boundaries, they are well-fed and cared for.  But once let loose outside, trouble looms on all fronts.  The same for you and me.  As long as we stay close to the Shepherd, our Lord Jesus, as long as we stay within the boundaries He has established for us, we also can be like sheep safely grazing.

All of us following the same Shepherd.  All of us roaming freely within.  Lots of good grazing land.   Comforts abound within His boundaries.

Like the 10 Commandments.  Stay within them.  Step outside and it’s a one-way, downward slope into varied addictions, sexual aberrations, greed, gossip, stealing.  Soon we’ll be sheep lost in strange and scary fields.  Lost…sometimes barely able to return home.

Stay close to Jesus.  Even as those shepherds did in the Christmas story.  Stay within His grazing fields.  Listen for our Shepherd’s voice and we’ll be His sheep safely grazing!

Prayer:  Dear God, we want to stay close to Jesus and be safe in Him.  Amen.



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