SO LITTLE TO ASK… Hosea 13: 4-6

It’s really simple.  Nothing complicated or mysterious.  No cryptic, secret passwords or codes.  None of that.  Strait-forward and upfront.  And, on top of that, asks little of us.  What does?

Have you read those verses from Hosea in the Old Testament?  This prophet’s wayward wife symbolizes God’s wayward people.  Hosea, means ‘salvation’ in Hebrew.  Chapter 13 records the anguished heart of God the Savior.  For He alone is the Lord.  He is Yahweh God.  His people are simply to acknowledge Him and no other.  Should be easy.  So little to ask.  After all,  there truly is no other God.

No mystery really.  The Lord said that He Himself was the one who saved them and cared for them in the desert.  My wife and I remember being in the Valley of the Kings in Egypt.  It was 120 degrees.  Everyone says that’s dry heat, but so is an oven, and I don’t want to live in there either!  The coolest place was down deep within those tombs.  King Tut had a cool resting place!  Move over, buddy!

Hosea 13:5 records that even in those scorchingly hot places, God takes care of His people.  He feeds them, not a few measly morsels of food, but enough to fill them up (v. 6).  Every day for forty long years.  They gripe and complain.  Yet, He feeds them until they push back from their tables full as full can be!  Without a care in the world!  ‘Man, aren’t we lucky!’

That’s when things take a rather nasty turn.  In their self-satisfaction, they start thanking each other, taking credit where none is due.  Luck instead of the Lord.  Preening with pride.  For all that THEIR hard work has produced.  They forget the Lord who saves them.  Who gives them everything they have.  Everything.

A proud people…yet unthankful.   A bunch of ingrates.  They forget who stays up with them all night long.  Who plans and pulls off their escape from Egypt.  Who everyday gives them food for their growling stomachs.  When no one else is there, He is.

I could be one of them.  A spoiled, unappreciative Christian brat.  How about you?  Lucky as can be?  What a fine fellow am I?!

Or blessed by the Lord our God and His Son Jesus through the Holy Spirit?  You decide.

Have a happy, appreciative Thanksgiving… to the One who deserves it most of all!

Prayer: Lord, we want to be your grateful people.  We know that ALL comes from your hands.  And we thank you.  In Jesus’ name.  Amen.



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