Blessings to all who follow Reflections Blog.  I am honored that you follow along week by week.  Thank you so much.  I do have a favor to ask of you.  We have an opportunity to sell the digital version of the Reflections Daily Devotional Book to literally thousands of new readers.  Would be quite the experience after working over two and a half years producing this book to see it bless countless thousands more than I could ever imagine.  Only one problem.  No, not money!  We have too few reviews of the book on the Amazon sight.  Will you please help?  Otherwise, we’ll have to pass on this opportunity which would be a shame.  All you have to do is click on ‘Amazon’ and pull up ‘Reflections Out of Time’  book.  Then where you see ‘Reviews’, click on that.  Then just click on ‘Write a Review’ and keep it short and upbeat!  Then if enough of you bother to do this, you will be a significant part of reaching many others for the Lord!  Please do it…NOW!  Thanks, John


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