NOT QUITE SURE…2 Corinthians 4: 16-18

A change has been noted.  A recent one.  Since I was two years old, my left leg has been smaller (not shorter) than my right one due to polio, which mainly affected the left side of my body.  Always joked that a skinny anything was fine with me!

Until my wife mentioned that my left leg seemed more so than ever.  I don’t usually check out my legs passing a mirror.  Who would?  But wearing shorts this summer, the difference appeared somewhat alarming to her.

She even got out a measuring tape.  The results?  Two and a half inches difference in the circumference of my good leg over the other.  That’s quite a bit.  Wonder what this means?  Not quite sure.

Checking out websites on Post-Polio Syndrome indicates that muscle atrophy is a common symptom.  Followed by a growing weakness and then difficulty walking.  The slope can be a slippery one.  Am I on it?  Don’t know.  Not quite sure.  Could be.  Then again, maybe not.

Paul talks in 2 Corinthians about something similar–‘Though outwardly we are wasting away, yet inwardly we are being renewed day by day’ (4:16).   All of us face ‘wasting away’.  Something goes wrong with our hearing, our eyesight, our memory.  Our ability to do all we used to enjoy and took for granted… until we no longer could.

A ‘wasting away’ happens to all of us if we’re blessed (!) to grow older.  Giving up this or that.  Involuntarily.  Against our will.

But not everything.  Paul goes on to talk about inner renewal that can happen daily.  At any age.  I think especially as we grow older.  ‘Wasting away’ physically can lead to more worship of the Lord… inwardly.

Added time in your Bible.  Praying more.  Giving more.  Relying on Jesus’ love and mercy.  Leaning on Him… and meaning it.  Encouraging someone else, which we know brings a bigger blessing our way.

Wasting away?  No way!  Maybe physically–things we must let go of, laced with fears and tears.  But other tears, shed with joy, will accompany us as we cherish our relationship with the Lord more and more.

Atrophy will fade away as I lay my trophies down at His feet in the presence of my Lord and my God!  Join me?

Prayer:  Lord, we bow to you, our God, who knows all about our future.  We’re in the best hands of all.  In Jesus’ own.  Amen.


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