I’ve eaten lots of humble pie in my life.  Each piece didn’t taste very good.  But, upon reflection,  the taste has improved!  Moved from bitter, to tolerable, to nourishing, then to quite good.

There were those brief years I pastored a 600-member church, the most prestigious in town.  Growth was instantaneous.  A full-time assistant minister was added to staff early in my second year.  I was publishing in a variety of Christian magazines.  Climbing up the career ladder!  Rung by rung.  Though afraid of heights, I kept moving higher.

Or so I thought.  I hadn’t noticed, since I was mainly focused on myself and my career, that angels were at work.  Sawing ever so carefully through the upper rungs of that ladder.  Up I went, the rungs broke away, and down I came!  Like a rug had been pulled out.  Pastor Humpty-Dumpty came a tumblin’ down!  Cast afloat on an unknown sea in a boat full of holes.  Or so it felt.  That was decades ago.  Seems like someone else’s story.

I’ve learned that humble pie is an acquired taste.  What I had been feasting on was poison to my relationship with the Lord.  I thank Him for a hard fall as He was underneath me, catching me, cradling me in His loving arms, placing me back on my feet to move forward for Him.  This took a long time.  As in years and years.

Disappointments and failures in your life?  How could there not be?  The Lord will use everything in our lives when placed humbly at His feet.  You’ll be surprised, as I was, at His grace and care, coming even on the darkest nights.

Those verses in John’s Gospel are about John the Baptist.  Verse 20 is one I’ve read dozens of times.  What grabbed me was the success he was having.  Everyone was coming out to the desert to hear him.  Multitudes repented and were baptized.  How would I have felt with such a response?   Probably right to my head!

But not that John.  You can ask him and he’ll tell you without hesitation that it’s not about him.  It’s all about Jesus.  The Lamb of God who takes away the sin of the world.  Jesus.  Him… not me.  Humble pie made of honey and locusts.

Tell of Jesus.  Share what He’s done for you.  Praise Him.  Love Him no matter your circumstance.  Humble pie!  Pass me another piece, will you?!  Told you… it’s an acquired taste!

Prayer:  Our God, we love to praise Jesus.  He’s our Lord and Savior.   In His name.  Amen.



One thought on “ANYONE WANT A NICE PIECE OF HUMBLE PIE?… John 1: 19-34

  1. Thank you, brother, for your testimony and for your friendship. I remember one of our older local pastors, who is now in heaven, saying that he was a one-talent pastor and was determined to use that for the Lord’s glory. Peace to yhou and Sue.

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