IT’S GREEK TO ME!…Ephesians 5: 15-21

I’m easily perplexed trying to find God’s will.  ‘What do I do, Lord’?  Over the years, I’ve learned not to worry about little things like what color socks to wear today or what’s for dinner.  It’s the bigger issues that I have in mind.

Ephesian 5: 16 talks about ‘…making the best use of our time because the days are evil’.  How true!  The older I get, the more I realize that time is slipping by, and that this world is never going to get better on its own.

Verse 17 urges us to ‘…understand what the will of the Lord is’.  The next one tells us not to get intoxicated with wine.  Liquor, money-grubbing, pornography, gossip or selfishness– whatever intoxicating sin grabs hold of us.

Instead, ‘be filled with the Spirit.’   When I said that the Apostle Paul ‘urges’ us…that’s not totally accurate.  The verbs ‘do not get (drunk)’ and ‘be filled (with the Spirit)’ are not suggestions.   They’re commands!

Verses 19 through 21 contain four adverbial participles, which modify verbs.  Here the verb is ‘to fill’, as with the Holy Spirit.  This is God’s will for us.

First adverbial participle– speaking in a biblical way.  How?  By letting God’s thoughts flow through us.  Guarding our tongues.  Encouraging someone in need.

Second participle is about songs and melodies.  I love to sing.  Some don’t or can’t.  We always can… within our hearts producing overtones of joy and gladness.

Third.  Giving thanks.  Certainly God’s will.  Thanksgiving… all year long!  As in today!

Fourth participle.  Submitting to each other.  Showing more concern for others than we normally would.  Taking a ‘back seat’ once in a while.

God’s will?  Not so much Greek after all.  Check out those four participles.  They’re His will for your life…and mine!

Lord, we are thankful for you.  Amen.


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