You may be wondering–have I broken my word?  About what?  Let me ‘fess up.  I’m wading into the political muck and mire of this foul season!  No, not that!   Thought I said I wouldn’t do that.  Well, do broken promises and distortions of the truth also extend to little old me?

Actually, fear not!  No endorsements.  No hints even.  Nothing.  Parties I enjoy have more fun than the two duking it out as usual.  Their parties are partisan and predictable.  Nasty and boring…to the nth degree.  At least that’s my take!

No matter who prevails in this upcoming US election, there is one certainty you can hang your hat on.  It’s found, as you can guess, in your Bible.  Mine as well!  I was reading Psalm 93 today, cheering all the way through.  You will too.  Read it and then read it again after the big blow-out on November 8th.  The psalm begins with a resounding chorus of ‘The Lord reigns…’  The English language doesn’t quite capture the decisiveness of the Hebrew.  The Hebrew would need an exclamation point or two after ‘reigns’.  ‘The Lord reigns!!’…unmistakably,  indisputably, unequivocally.  All right, I’ve put my thesaurus to the side!  But you get the point.  It’s as plain as the nose on your face.  Mine too.

Psalm 93 goes on to use Hebrew poetic parallelisms to describe how great our God is.  Seas rise up.  ‘Seas’ mentioned three times to drive home the point of who is in charge.  Thunder and great floods repeatedly written of, speak of our mighty God.  Two, three times over and it becomes crystal clear who is Lord of All and God Almighty.  Who towers above feeble man and woman.  No contest.  No polling and voting.  No ‘spin’ or platforms.  None of that.

Psalm 93:5–‘Your statutes stand firm; holiness adorns your house for endless days, O Lord’.  The Bible is our firm foundation.  His holiness, our challenge and call in life.  His house bears no scandal or shading of the truth.  And with Him we’ll find peace and love… forever.  No promises left unfulfilled.  Not with our Lord.  Remember who’s in charge.  After all is said and done–‘The Lord reigns!!’

Prayer:  Father, we pray for those in authority that they would always look to you and your Son for guidance.  In Jesus’ name.  Amen.



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