I know some think the God of the Old Testament is vengeful, while the God of the New is loving and forgiving.  Any truth to this?  Look in your concordance to find how many times the word ‘love’ appears.    You’ll discover that ‘love’ can be found in more verses of the Old than the New.  Check it out!

In 2 Kings 5 we have an example of God’s love.  In the Old Testament!  Naaman, commander of Aram’s military, contracts a skin disease.  His Israelite servant-girl urges him to see the prophet Elisha, who will pray to Yahweh for healing

Aram rarely gets along with Israel.  They worship Baal, a false god here named Rimmon.  Naaman comes for healing, and Elisha prays for him, dipping him into the River Jordan.  He’s healed!  ‘Now I know that there is no god in all the world except in Israel (v.15).  He becomes a believer in Yahweh God alone.

I’m floored by verses 17-19–by God’s sensitivity and understanding.  Naaman faces a huge problem.  One of his responsibilities is to escort the King into the temple of Baal to bow in worship of this false god.

Such an unexpected twist.  Naaman only wants to worship the true God, but what can he do?  ‘Please Elisha– pray to God explaining my dilemma.’  Does God understand when we get into similar binds?  Stuck between a rock and a hard place?  The plight of the persecuted church.

What can we do?  Pour out our hearts to God.  He understands more than we realize.  Run to God.  He will cover you with His grace, mercy and peace.  What did Elisha say to Naaman?  ‘Go in peace’ (v.19).  God comforts us with His peace… and especially His love.

Thank you, Lord for your understanding.  Amen.


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