A NOSE BY ANY OTHER NAME!…Exodus 34: 1-7

My father had a rather good-sized nose!  This by his own admission.  He would often kid about it saying that when he had a cold, he got his money’s worth!  That was our Dad!  Loved to kid, loved to laugh and was loved by many people.  Can’t think of anyone who didn’t like my Dad.  A great guy.  Someone you enjoyed being with.  Even with his large nose!  A person who can laugh at themselves is a joy to be found.  Our Dad.

Maybe you’re wondering where I’m going with this.  Fair enough!  Exodus 34 is one of the most amazing chapters in all the Bible.  You’ll agree as you read it.  The Lord is passing in front of Moses on Mount Sinai, proclaiming who He is.  His being and character.  How compassionate He is, how gracious and giving.  Slow to anger, forgiving not only slight matters but also ‘…wickedness, rebellion and sin’ (v. 7).

We could go on-and-on, all day and night, praising God for who and what He is!  Hey, let’s do it!  Stop griping…start glorifying God!  Today, spend lots of time lifting up the grandeur of our God.  He loves to hear that from our hearts and lips.

What about my father’s nose?  None of your business!  Well, I guess it is, since I mentioned it!  One of the attributes of God is His being ‘slow to anger’.  Literally, in Hebrew language,  ‘long of nose’!  My father would have a good laugh over that!  The Lord is patient and long-suffering, slow to anger with ‘long of nose’.

What does that mean?  Hebrew people pictured the blood in the body travelling from the tip of your toes to the end of your nose.  Quite the long journey.  Apt picture of someone not hot-headed or having a short fuse, but with patience and a long-fuse.  If God were otherwise, we’d all be toast in a matter of seconds.  Me first!  But God hangs in there with you and me… and this crazy world.  He waits like the patient father in the Prodigal Son story.  Waits for us to come to our senses, turn around and run to Him for salvation only found in His Son Jesus.

I’m glad I had a father with a large nose.  I’m really glad I have a Heavenly Father with a ‘long nose’ of patience, compassion and understanding.  Aren’t you glad you have the same Father?

Prayer:  Thank you, Father, for patience with us your children.  You love us, knowing that we are made of clay and dust.  In Jesus’ name.  Amen.


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