SO MUCH MORE!…Luke 5: 17-26

They came seeking help for their friend in need.  when they get to the house where Jesus is speaking, there’s absolutely no room.  Not to be deterred, they cart their disabled friend up to the roof, and literally dismantle a large section of it, lowering him down to Jesus.  He simply speaks the word and the man is made whole.  Amazing!   The man gets up on his feet, rolls up the mat that he lies on, off he goes home, thanking God with each good step he now takes!

Unfortunately, not everyone is thrilled.  The religious leaders smell blasphemy.  Jesus not only heals this man, but declares that his sins are forgiven.  Only God forgives sins.

The paralytic gets the use of his legs.  He seeks physical healing but gets much more.  That’s what happens when we meet Jesus.  We come for a variety of reasons.  For me, I felt lonely and worthless.  A mediocre high school student.  Had a few friends.  Not many.  Emotionally isolated, in the little upstairs bedroom, of my parent’s house.

That’s when a radio program acted like friends lowering me down in front of Jesus.  I never knew that He cared or loved me until a Sunday evening on the radio.   Jesus eagerly desired to be in my life.  Guess what?  I prayed and got companionship with Jesus, exactly what I needed.

But I got even more.  Started getting better grades.  When I graduated from High School, I was a straight ‘A’ student.  Me?

Maybe I’m worth something?  Without a doubt!  Had new friends…in a new church where Christ was preached and the Bible taught.  He keeps giving.  More than I could ever imagine.  Much more…

Thank you, Lord, for all you give.  In Jesus.  Amen.


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