We hear of famine.  Drought causing food shortages, shrinking our wallets with higher prices.  Children suffering malnutrition.  Families struggling to make ends meet.  Famine and drought.  The Bible speaks of another type.

Amos 8–‘…not a famine of food or a thirst for water, but a famine of hearing the words of the Lord.’  And ‘…the days (that) are coming…’ causing me to wonder if we’re not there now.  Who knows?  God knows.   A drought and famine of hearing anything from God.

Our culture has pushed God to the edge.  Over-and-out completely looms on the horizon.  Not even edges for Him anymore.  Allowed to hang around in old crosses in some veteran’s cemeteries.  The rationale given runs like this:  ‘well, it’s just tradition and heritage, nothing religious about it.’  Really?  That offends me in a society easily offended by everything and everyone Christian.  There’s a famine coming!  Wait, it’s here!

A few years back I ask a professor from the Moody Bible Institute what differences he notices in students today and from my time.  Of course, I was much smarter!  No, he didn’t say that!  What he did say was that students today know so little about the Bible.  Did I hear what he said?  If they, the cream of the crop, don’t know their Bibles, what about the average Christian living in a biblically illiterate society?

The famine again.  Money, gender issues, terrorism and sectarianism make us all nervous and cautious.   Amos 8:12 describes our thirsty, searching planet: ‘…but they will not find it.’  Find what?

The truth with a capital ‘T’, which resides in the Bible.  Best way to push back?  Dive in.  Immerse yourself.  Plant its seeds in your heart and mind.  Share the Word with others.  Push back!

Lord, thank you for the Bible.  Amen.


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