The Prophet Micah encourages his people Israel with word that God will have compassion of them once ‘again’.  God’s anger will not last forever.  The Lord is long-suffering and patient.  ‘Again’–He will have compassion on His people.

Even more good news comes their way.  Micah tells them that God ‘…will tread our sins underfoot…’  He won’t point His finger at them in accusation.  Or hold their sins over their heads.  Not rubbing their face in them.  No.  He’ll trample sins underfoot, blot them out, grind them into tiny dust that will blow away in the wind.  Sin–good-bye and good riddance.

I remember losing a good watch down the shore in New Jersey.  Where’s my watch?  Running in a panic back to where I last was at the beach, trying to find it.  Gone.  That’s my bad news.  Good news is that our sins are gone by the cross of Jesus Christ.  When we believe in Him, He ‘treads them underfoot’.  Gone, in this case, is good riddance!  Our sins?  Under His foot.  Thank God for His forgiveness!

Micah tells more, even better news.  God ‘…hurls all our iniquities into the depths of the sea’.  All of them.  Not only the ‘white lies’, the ones we think quite harmless.  No.  Even those we’ve never shared with anyone, except the Lord.  The ones that shame us the most.  Even them.

And where do they go?  Into the deepest part of the sea.  I remember being on a Caribbean cruise approaching some gorgeous tropical isle, and was out on one of the decks along with everyone else on the ship.   The woman next to me, right against the railing, had the most amazing camera in hand.  It was high-tech and must have cost lots of bucks!  Not like the one I was carrying!  Passengers were pushing and shoving.  You guessed it–someone elbowed her from behind and that pricey camera went flying out of her hands over the railing straight into the depths of the sea, into ‘Davy Jones’ Locker’, never to be seen again.  Gone!

Our sins, in God’s hands, not pushed or shoved, but willingly, are tossed into the depths of the sea.  Glub…glub…glub…gone!  Don’t try to fish them back out.  Let them go…where God has sent them.  That’s not good news?!  It’s His very best!

Prayer:  Lord, we are amazed at your love and forgiveness.  And so thankful.  In Jesus’ name.  Amen.


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