DISTANT AND WHAT?…Micah 7: 18-20

Who wouldn’t enjoy reflecting on God’s forgiveness?  How He loves to free us from our sins.  After all, He’s crazy about us!  He gladly lets go of our waywardness.  His anger is but for a moment, not lasting forever.  God loves us so much that He puts our sin far away from us, after we’ve come to Him with genuine repentance and humility.  We hear that ‘…(He) delights to show mercy’ (Micah 7: 18).

If it were me, I’d forgive reluctantly, with lots of strings attached, requiring words of ‘thanks’ from your mouth to my ears!  Not our God!  He delights to forgive us, His inheritance(v.18).  He lives to forgive.  Quite the different attitude between the Lord and little old me!  Comes as no surprise!

Verse 19 says that God has a great big heart of compassion.  He feels for whatever we’re going through.  A passion to get close to us, not only during good times but at all times.  Good parents crave to be near their children and grandchildren.  Could God want any less of us, His own?

I remember taking a social mobility test years ago for a job I not only wanted but needed.  Had no idea what the test questions were leading to, what they were concluding about me.  No idea, silly me!  But I was honest and answered all those weird questions about how I would handle a certain situation.  How I’d best like to use my free time– playing cards or reading.  What did this test reveal…about me?  My social mobility?

I couldn’t believe what I was seeing on paper.  Must be a mix-up.  Had someone else’s scores.  They said I was ‘distant and aloof’.  How dare they!  I’m going off by myself and they can go fly a kite!  Distant and aloof, my foot!  Don’t bother me!

Well, I got the job anyway and did quite well.  Who knows?  Maybe I am a bit distant and aloof, but what I do know for sure is that God is not.  He’s filled with compassion.  Feelings for us.  He loves us and loves to be near us.  Remember, He’s never far away.  Never!  He passes that test every time!

Prayer:  We are grateful, Lord, for being close to us and loving.  Who could ask for anything more?  In Jesus’ name.  Amen.



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