THE SAME LANGUAGE!…Luke 24: 13-35

Recently, my wife and I took our fourth Alaskan cruise.  Love being out on the ocean, seeing glaciers (calving and ‘shooters’), bald eagles, and whales.  One morning we order special coffees in the International Café.  We notice a waitress talking with a young family.  She’s from Eastern Europe, speaking the same language as the family she’s serving.  How animated!  Hands waving.  Voices dancing with inflection and tone.  They’re speaking the same language!

They have a bond the rest of us do not enjoy.  This makes me think.  When we open our lives to Jesus, we feel such closeness and intimacy with others who also know Him.  There’s that bond in Jesus that make us family.

And what could be better than family?  Now don’t groan!  I know–God made family at a weak moment!  But blood is thicker than water.  And Jesus’ blood makes us one, a bond that can never be broken.

My wife and I always request a table for two at the earliest hour for dinner on a cruise.  Chit-chat with strangers not high on our list.  Before we sail, we pray that we’ll meet other Christians–ones who speak the same language.  On one particular cruise, we sit adjacent three other couples who are also at tables for two.  We discover that all are believers in Jesus!  We speak the same language…the one of Jesus!  We laugh, get to know each other, and relish our relationships in the Lord!

Like those men on the road to Emmaus.  Jesus helps them speak a common language.  The same one we speak in Him!

Thank you, Jesus, for making us one in you.  Amen.


One thought on “THE SAME LANGUAGE!…Luke 24: 13-35

  1. Speaking about the disciples with Jesus on the road to Emma’s, reminds me of your wedding ceremony and the pastor who conducted it. He spoke about your relationship with each other and with Him in your marriage. Did you ever pay the pastor. Poor man still wonders if the ceremony conducted was that bad. 😦

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