I READ THAT TOTALLY WRONG!… Ezekiel 44: 28-31 and Isaiah 64

I totally misread something.  Isaiah 64 contains one of the few Old Testament references to God being ‘our Father’ (v. 8).   The image of father then changes into one of a potter molding clay.  We are clay in His hands.  Isaiah prays, ‘…we are all the work of your hand’.  Can’t imagine ever being in better hands than His.

Ezekiel 44 is quite another matter.  Read it totally wrong.  What does the rebuilt Temple refer to?  The millennium?  Ezekiel’s day?  Future heavenly kingdom?  Lots of theories.  No matter what, we’ll trust the Lord, the good Potter, to work out the details.  Whether you’re pre- or mid- or post- or even a-millennial,  I’m pro-whatever God’s plan works out to be!

Back to my misunderstanding.  Reading Ezekiel 44:28-31, there’s reference to the Levites having an inheritance.  I thought they had none.  But I didn’t read far enough.  For these verses say that ‘…I am their inheritance…I am their possession’.   Inheritance–not what they get… but who.

God is our inheritance.  We inherit Him!  Better than land, better than anything this world can offer.  Ever receive an inheritance?   When my mother died in 2004, she left some monies to my brother, sister and myself.

What of our inheritance in the Lord?  He gives us all of Himself.  When we become believers, Jesus becomes our all-in-all.  Undivided.  Equal amounts.  100% for each.  We really need nothing more.  We have everything.  God is our inheritance.

What could be better?  I’m totally blown away by my inheritance!  Are you?

Thank you, Lord, for all you give us in Jesus.  Amen.


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