When I feel I’m the last Christian, the Lord shows me a crowd gathering.   I become disheartened thinking about our society.  Those cultural roots deep in the Bible, now dug up as useless debris.   As a believer in Jesus, can feel somewhat lonely.  One against the crowd.

Until you go to church.   And on Christmas Eve.  I know what you’re thinking.  Who doesn’t go to church then?  Or on Easter?  I understand that.   ‘C and E’ church members– who attend worship on Christmas and Easter only!   We attended Christmas Eve service at a new church for us.  Had three services.  Two, Four and Six PM.  We attended the middle one.  Packed would be an understatement.  Arrived a half hour early, and we could hardly find a place to park.  When they finally let us into the sanctuary, we were tight as tight can be.  Felt like the Lord was saying,  ‘Fischer, you’re one but I have a crowd also!  Look around’!

A week later, I read Psalm 1.  Familiar words?  They are for me.  Begins with the person who is blessed by the Lord.    Anyone.  This one stands out from the crowd.  I remember being in New Orleans with my wife before a river boat cruise up the Mississippi River.   A band was walking down Bourbon Street followed by a large group of people.  I had the impulse to leave the sidelines and join them.  So, we did!  Then we discovered that this was a group of mourners!  We went anyway for blocks and blocks.  Easy to be drawn in, especially in the ‘Big Easy’.

Psalm 1 warns us to be careful.  Watch out for what siren song calls out to you.  Easily moved by ungodly advice–  ‘…walk in the counsel of the wicked…’  Or standing opposed to what God has called sin so we can more easily fit in– ‘…stand in the way of sinners…’  Finally, to mock the Word of God– ‘…or sit in the seat of  mockers…’  Nothing blessed in this.

Be the one against the crowd.  You’re not alone.  God has His thousands and thousands.  The ungodly crowd travels the wide road.  It’s filled with the faithless, failures and fakers…all destined for utter futility and frustration.  A great big ‘F’!

We’ll journey on the narrow one…to the Father, with Jesus, and the Holy Spirit, accompanied by countless angels and those who have gone to glory before us.  Hey, who said we’re all alone?    This narrow way is as broad as the heart of God Almighty!

Prayer:  Lord, thank you for encouraging us when we need it most.  And let me be an encouragement to someone else today.  In Jesus’ name.  Amen.


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