WHO?…Micah 7: 18-20

When I was a little boy, an old neighbor used to call me ‘Johnny What’, because I kept asking him ‘what does that mean’, ‘what did you say’, and ‘what about that’.  Inquisitive little guy who probably wore out his welcome!  I liked that old neighbor.

Today’s Bible reading is not only about ‘what’ but also ‘who’.  Micah poses an important question–‘who is a God like you…? (v.18).   Good question?  Any comparisons worth their salt?  Here’s a ‘what’ for my old neighbor–what is God like?

What is God like?  Well, He forgives sin.  If that were all, that’s good enough for me!  But there’s more.  He pardons us.  We’re set free!  Micah says that He ‘…forgives the transgression of the remnant of His inheritance’.  God lets go of our guilt when we’ve crossed over the line.

Did you notice what we are to Him?  His inheritance!  His legacy!  When the last will and testament of Heaven is read, those who believe in Jesus are awarded as inheritance to God Himself!

Micah 7:19 tells us more.  His anger and wrath?  Not for long.  Doesn’t hold a grudge or throw salt on our wounds.  I might.  He doesn’t.  The Bible says that He ‘…delight(s) to show mercy ‘(v.18).

Why is all this so hard to accept?  Too good to be true?  Possibly.  For me, it’s that I know myself, my failures and foibles.  I drag all that weight of sin, which God has let go of.  He’s free of them.  So should we.  Hard to do.  Go for it anyway.  Believe what He says.  Be free as free can be…in Jesus Christ!  Amen?

For forgiveness and mercy, we thank you our God.  Because of Jesus. Amen.


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