I thought it said ‘brought’–that they had brought some spices to the tomb.  On second reading, the Gospel of Mark records that the women had ‘bought’ spices for his body after His death.  That interested me.  Not only because I truly don’t like to waste money!  Some of you are snickering, those who know me well.  My Scots’ DNA rises to the surface!

These women didn’t hunt high-and-low in their pantries for out-of-date spices they could bring to the tomb that day.  After all, who would know if the spices were fresh or not.  Some re-gifting might be in the air!  Use them up.  Clear the shelves for a new batch for our family!  Waste not…

Usually, someone would come to a tomb after three days, to make sure the deceased was truly that, dead!  These women waited for after the Sabbath, out of respect.  It was customary to anoint the cadaver with aromatic oils to mask the odor of a decomposing body.  (If you’re soon to have a meal, bon appetite!)  Here’s an interesting twist to the story.  The women bought and brought spices for Jesus’ body.  Spices.  Not aromatic oils.  Spices were often reserved for royal burials.  Like King Asa in 2 Chronicles 16:14–‘they laid him(King Asa) on a bier that had been filled with various kinds of spices prepared by the perfumer’s art…’

Spices for a king.  Anointed in death.  Odors masked.  Decay covered.  A costly gift for royalty, worthy of the best we can offer.  But this king, Jesus, is not dead.  Not anymore.  Not any longer.  He has risen from the dead!  He is alive.  Now, what can be bring Him?  What can we offer the One who now sits at the right hand of God the Father?

Certainly not out dated stuff from the pantry of our lives.  The women ‘bought’ spices for royalty, which we can assume was quite costly.  They had to dig deep for Him.  We can never buy our salvation, but we can offer Him our best.  What that entails, each of us will have to discover for ourselves.  What that means for me, may not even come close to what it means for you.  But find out.  Then do it.  It will cost us, but what did our salvation cost Him?

Prayer:  Lord, we want to give our best for you.  In Jesus’ name.  Amen.


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