COVERS IT ALL!…Read Psalm 19

Why do I keep coming back to this psalm?  Like a magnet to metal.  Read it– you’ll know why!  Covers it all!   As in some really big issues in life.  What is truth?  Where can we find it?  The purpose of life?  Psalm 19– turn to it for answers.

Let’s look at those first six verses.  Want to know about God?  Look around you.  Check out your surroundings.  Gaze at the night sky.  We live a mile or two from Puget Sound.   Sitting on the beach, watching a state ferry ply the waters, or watching the distant snow-covered Olympic mountains, is magical.  Tall evergreens sway majestically in a gentle breeze.

But I see more than that.  We see creation.  With eyes of faith, we see Creator God.  His works…magnificent and beautiful.  We adore Him, who is beyond compare.  But there’s more.  Always more… with Him.  We see His work, but also He has given us His Word, the Bible.

Look at Psalm 19: 7-11.  King David, the psalmist, uses so many nouns, adjectives and verbs to describe His wonderful word.  From these 5 verses, we learn that God’s Word is called the ‘law’, the ‘testimony’ to God’s truth, ‘precepts’ where God speaks clearly and with precision, ‘commandments’ of God’s authority, and ‘rules’ that bring His judicial decisions to bear in our lives.  Five nouns.

Then David writes about God’s word as ‘perfect’, and ‘sure’, ‘right’, and ‘pure’ and ‘clean’.  Five adjectives.  All together God’s Word results in ‘reviving’, ‘making (us) wise’,  ‘rejoicing the heart’, and ‘enlightening our eyes'(alert and active).  Four verbs and adverbs.

The Word of God is like nothing else.  Can sit on a shelf gathering dust or be put to use making life better in every way.  Will it end all our troubles?  Hardly.  But making better sense of our difficulties, giving us godly perspective, will take a lot of pressure off our minds and backs.

The results, pondering God’s creation and spending time in His creative Word, leads to this outcome–our worship of the Lord.  Verses 12-14 unveil a heart humbled by all that the Lord has shown.  Seeks forgiveness for sins.  Wisdom to get back on track with God’s ways.  Praying that all the psalmist’s words and actions will be acceptable to the Lord, his Rock and Redeemer.

Spend some time in Psalm 19.  More precious than gold.  Sweeter than honey.  Direction for life avoiding ungodly pitfalls, leading to blessings and great reward(vs. 10-11).  I told you!  This psalm covers it all!

Prayer:  Lord, for all of your creation, we marvel.  For your Word in the Bible, we submit.  For our worship, we bow down.  In Jesus’ name.  Amen.


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