I can picture the look on his face.  Of disappointment and mistrust.  This was a man I respected.  A brother in Christ.  Yet, after completing a Sunday evening Bible study, he approaches me with what feels like a dagger.

Confronts me with this– his son feels I’m a terrible excuse for a pastor.  I’m speechless.  That’s something for me!   The look on his face cuts me.  So, I ask him what in the world he’s talking about.  He says that his son has it in for me ever since he sees me wearing a Rolex watch.  How could any pastor have such a pricey bauble, and still claim to follow Christ?  I feel the blood rising.  Steam comes off the roof of my red-haired head!  I’m about to blow!

But now I wonder what’s happened to my Rolex.  Had someone stolen it?  Should I make an insurance claim?  Looking at my left arm, I clearly see my Rolex.  Wait a second.  Does it say ‘Rolex’?  It ends in ‘ex’.   Upon further examination, my Rolex turns out to be a Timex!  Yes, a cheap-o, under $20 wonder!  What did this ‘friend’ say when I show him my watch?   Not much to his shame.

Psalm 17: 15– ‘And … I will see your face… I will be satisfied with seeing your likeness’.  Seeing God’s face will be ultimate joy.  The look on His face… far different from any who misunderstand us.  His face will shine upon us, not in disgust or false accusation.

When the Lord sees you, He sees His Son Jesus.  And that puts a smile on His face, the likes of which we’ll never, ever forget!  Amen?

For the kind look of your face, Lord, we thank you.  Amen.


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