Psalm 71 certainly says it better than I can.  I identify with the struggles of the psalmist–‘though you have made me see troubles, many and bitter…’ (v.20) and ‘…for those who wanted to harm me…’ (v.24).

Struggles begin for me at age two.  My family moves from the city to the suburbs, but days after I contract the polio virus.  Back to the city I’m shipped, in isolation, for varied treatments.  Some controversial at the time.  First sign of disease?  My sister says that I refuse to eat ice cream.  Tell-tale sign of trouble!

Isolation ward.  The home I’m used to?  Gone.  The family who cares for me?  Gone.  I learn that life at any moment will shake you out the door into the unknown world of crying children, boiling hot packs, mean-looking nurses, endless exercises, shrill sounds in a dark room at night.  As the psalmist prays–‘…rescue me and deliver me…’ (v.2).

I thank God for an Australian nurse, Sister Kenny, who pioneers a treatment method.  And my mother, who exercises me at home for many years.  Today, hardly any outward signs of polio in my body.

At sixteen I hear on the radio of God’s salvation through His Son Jesus.  That Jesus loves me.  I want Him in my life and He wants me in His.  I never knew that.  Do you?  Open your heart to Him today.

And now I’m perfect!  Far from it… on a good day!   I’m an old sinner saved by God’s grace.  Wait!  It’s not about me.  It’s about Jesus.  Who He is and what’s He’s done.  That’s good news.  Can’t imagine anything better!  Can you?

Lord, thank you for Jesus and all His love.  Amen.


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