Recently, I achieved a milestone in my life.  I have now lived longer than any of my grandparents!  Hope that means that they all died prematurely, as in way before their time!  From Psalm 71: 18–‘even when I am old and gray…’  Now I feel a dagger through my ancient heart.  Me?  ‘Old and gray’?  How could I be so old?  Maybe my mother was really forty when she had me instead of thirty like she told me.  Never did tell the truth about her age!  No, I must face facts.  As Popeye said, ‘I yam what I yam’!

Continuing with Psalm 71: 18–‘even when I am old and gray…till I declare your power to the  next generation, your might to all who are to come.’  What to do now?  Pass it on!  Like the Gospel song of the ’60’s that we used to sing.  Pass it on!  Our time to let the younger generation know of the grace and mercy of our Lord.  Pass it on!  Institutions fail, people let us down, but Jesus never does.  He is everything everyone needs all the time.  Pass it on!

We all have children and grandchildren, step-children, nieces and nephews, cousins, kids we sponsor through a Christian mission group, wee ones to tutor after school, those in Sunday School or Vacation Bible School at church, children in our neighborhoods.  We all have one of the above and some have all!  Pass it on!

Hard to do?  Very shy or easily hurt when others snicker or mock you?  Pray for courage.  Find a way to pass it on.  Remember:  no pain, no gain!  Stretch a little.  Tell someone how much Jesus loves THEM!  Pass it on!

Prayer:  Lord, give us boldness to tell others about Jesus.  Thank you for how we heard about Him. For those who shared Him with us.   Help us to pass it on.  In Jesus’ name.  Amen.



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